Roadtrain song

I picked her up in Tulip
Put her in a dress
Fixed her braids and lipstick
Made her do her best
I put her on the side seat
Made her truly beg
Do her on the hood up front
At truck-stops now and then

But then I went to the loo and five minutes later
I saw the urge for her was gone

And in the woman, and in the woman..
And ah shot her thru the head! ONCE!
Once, bye bye
Oo-ooh roadtrain song..

From Breakers point to Razor sands
From Tupelo, Van Diemens land
The rain comes down, the rain comes down, upon me
Some days some days some days aaaahh
I just dun wanna try. ALL RIGHT!

“And here I stand…
Blood up to my knees and charcoal on my hands…”
These highlights up in front of me...
And those sirens in the back...
Oh, this roadtrain song

And in the woman I saw a little girl…
And I shot her thru the head! TWICE!
Twice, for each eye
Oo-ooh roadtrain song…

From Silverton to Battersea
From Santa Fee to Wounded Knee
Rain pissed down, rain pissed down, oh me!
Ride on ride on ride on uuuuhhh

…And in the woman I saw a little girl…
And I shot her thru the head!…THRICE!
Thrice, why oh why
Oooh-ooh roadtrain song..

And in the woman I saw this little girl.
Just a little girl..


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