Mr Evangelist

This is a song, a song of human kindness
It won’t be long, these songs they seldom are
Just to tell, the tale of human kindness
A few small words of what things are

Mr evangelist
Prayin’ with clenched up fists
Pockets full of jingle jangle
Coins and string coins and string coins and string and
Collects with one eye open

And father Thomas in his pyamas
Thinking God is on the roof
Killin’ pidgeons so the big guy
Can land and give him proof

And handsome reverend Bone
King of the confession booth
Get down on your knees and soon
He´ll zip it down for you
Get down on your knees my son
And grab his meaty blue

And a mother’s calling eat me, and the son is screaming drink me!
Drink me free

And you wouldn’t wanna see the sunday school for boys
Oh, those teachings of strange new toys
But that is only for the bigger boys
The smaller are just sit back watch

Father Joe by the crucifix
Preparing for the morningfix
The shakes not only caused by age
Prescripted, as he claims
A halo made of snow white hair
A Uri bending spoons

And the nuns goes tralalala and all the brothers halleluliah!
Drink me free

And a low voice can be heard in our soft places
And a low voice can be heard in our silent rooms
And a low voice in our silent spaces whispers drink me…
Drink me free..

And there is lectures in the ante room
Worship in the big room
Action in the back room
And devils in the gloom
And our saviour on the roof
And the king in the confession booth
And sister Bleach cleans up for booth
While the brothers takes a nap

And the flock is raving at skies, praise that little lamb that dies
Drink me free


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