Born to lose

I was born to lose
That’s what they always said
The first words I ever heard at birth
Was that I’d be better off dead
But you see I never really gave a good god damn about the blues
You never really have to, when you’re born to lose

I never had a childhood
Cause I never was a child
I never succeed with civilized man
So I guess I turned to wild
I never gave a damn about a broader road to chose
Cause one thing has been clear to me, I was born to lose

Well childhoods name is always shame
So boy you better hang your head
But I’ll keep mine up just in spite
Til the mob pronounce me dead
So when they frown down at you with your pills and thrills and booze
Remember sonny it won’t make a difference, cause you were born to lose

For a man that’s born to lose
It could be hard to stay sane
But there’s a street in a town that I know
That still wears my name
Well there little miss’ you shouldn’t get to close
Your papa always warned about, men born to lose

Born to lose
Born too loose
Born to lose

Well if Jesus was a winner upon that cross they rose
I rather stick down below, born to lose


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