When he was born into that low-lit room they counted him as dead
The maid she screamed and pointed at the angel by the bed
But then he opened up one lid and screamed right back at her
And the angels hid their ears and turned away

But his almighty father he said nothing he had passed out long before
A trail of empty bottles to where he lay sprawled across the floor
The maid she gasped and crossed herself above the small ones head
While the angels hid their eyes and turned away

And the mothers corpse went cold and blue but the kid smiled at her chin
And the demons howled outside the door screaming let us in
In I-in into this house of sin

They wrapped him in a dirty rag and upstairs they him bore
A scabby mutt was wildly lapping at the placenta on the floor
The father puked and tried to stand but fell back on his ass
And any angels flinched and flew away

Above the shack that rackety shack the moon grew full and white
And from the swamp a choir of frogs broke the silence of the night
The song for three small crosses to remind what’s been before
And the angels had long since flown away

Across a mothers white stiff corpse the light grew strangely dim
And a fat black rat sat on the bed chewing on the chord ….and the demons crawled
In I-in into the house of sin

Hush little baby says the maid, the Baptist comes tomorrow
Indeed a strange day it will be both of joy and sorrow
From dust to dust and to the skies we’ll raise our broken hands
To keep those angels fly away

From signs upon the steaming earth from voices in the storm
From echoes from the roots at night and whispers thru them walls
Another saviour born again here to the south of town
And the angels will no longer fly away

And as a mother in the ground shall sink and the heavens let her in
A baby´ll smile at a fat black rat that’s sitting on the chest squeeking
Let us in I-in into a house of sin

Another painted cross to be bleached and torn in that special row
And a saviour wrapped in new washed rags just by that new-dug hole.. everybody sing
I-in into that house of sin


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