Andreas Borg was born 23/04/1973, and lives and works in Örebro, Sweden. Though always a big book reader and had thoughts of becoming a writer, he didn’t start writing lyrics and poems seriously until 1998, while hitchhiking around Australia.

A couple of years and trips later, while in film school, Andreas teams up with a nameless band that needs a singer and later developed into Tellybottom.
While in filmschool, Andreas also wrote a movie script and produced the music for a movie called “Unrendered”, that collected some smaller awards and came second place in Örebro Video Film Festival. “Probably because nobody understood the bloody plot”, is his comment, “they found it soo good”.

Due to different opinions in sound and ways of expression, Tellybottom split up in 2002 and Andreas starts a solo project, while also fronting and lead singing in other obscure local bands of different types and genres. Andreas first solo demo comes out in the fall 2003, produced in Stacore studios, and become demo of the month in the local newspaper. The recordings are mostly with himself on the instruments, by now having the feeling of never finding the right musicians, or band. The majority of the effort on the lyrics telling sad tales about of broken human beings, torn lives and that strange little thing called love.In search of a management, an offer of a music video contract is turned down, again due to the fear of lack of artistic freedom. Andreas is today, again, in the process of searching for musicians, set to hit the road and to again play live.