A thousand years

Think I’m old she says
No more time to throw away
Remember what we once were?
Remember what we sang?

She took two steps back and gazed
Through the haze
Looks like everything is clearing up, she said
But the skies they looked the same to me

Remember what we sang that time
A thousand years ago
Remember what we were, she says
That time a thousand years ago

Love grown old she says
No more excuses left to give
Remember what we were
Remember what we sang

Love you whispered a hundred times
Those comfortable words
Love you still whispered now, I say
Like that time a thousand years ago

Yes, love you whispered still, she says
But now in haste and emptiness

Two hundred burning wrecks
In the wet
The rain can’t hide the fire in her eyes
Violent silence screaming


A thousand years

Born to lose



Idle hands


Roadtrain song



Ship of tears

The waltz

Mr Evangelist

Girls on film


Rocket to the moon