Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What is happening on the music front? I get the question quite often nowadays and, yes I know, I am too comfortable and lazy to write something here and keep you updated.
The music is today standing quite still. Since the last demo, The Atonement..., I have slowed my pace, to the extent that I didn't even promote the demo.
I've always hated being in charge of things when it comes to the practical stuff, and since I ain't the best people person, promotion and media contacts has often been forced to stand back.

I need a manager to put it simple.
Anyone out there up for the job?

The rehearsals with the entire band has come to a halt but instead I've tried a few smaller rehearsals, peeling of the layers of my songs, maybe for an accoustic guerilla gig or just to see what lies beneath. I have also been writing some new stuff. Two songs are more or less finished for recording, and are a bit more personal than usual, reflecting my personal life lately, rather than the usual storytelling I enjoy.

So there it is. The latest update on my music.
I need a kick in the arse to get moving again.
Or is it a kick in the head?

/Andreas Borg

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Atonement of Abbadon is here!

5 songs, a non-existing tempo, and great fucking lyrics.

Get it.

Available under downloads, on this site.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

New song up.

A preview of one of one of the new songs from The Atonement of Abbadon is up for listening on www.myspace.com/andreasborgandthewildernessgirls
Follow the link and listen to it. It's an odd tune sticking out from the others so it's basically an extra track produced by Johan Almgren at Spectrum studios here in Örebro. Reminding a bit of The Waltz, the tune was originally a soundtrack song made for the movie Unrendered some years ago. Fixed it up a bit and made some lyrics describing the current situation.

The rest of the songs for the cd are almost finished and might be up for listening soon. All depending on my generosity.

Monday, August 04, 2008

"I've been down so god damn long, so it looks like up to me"

That kind of gather the last couple of months I'm afraid. Been having moodswings before, but just when I thought I hit rock bottom, another abyss opened up.

It's the world I guess.
Me and the world just doesn't seem to be able to make friends.
The shallowness and demands on happy life, images successful career and love seems to mismatch my reality and only lead to alienation.
Only time i seem to find some solace, is in the music sometimes, in art, in scribbling words into weird songs.

Sometimes the best solution seem building that little rocket to the moon.
Seclusion instead of this crowded place.

Jolly Bob has left the building. Andreas is the only one left.


I wrote another song today. I named it Revolution Song.
Because it is time for a revolution.
I might be on my knees, but not on my back.

Keep updated for more of these happy and uplifting messages.

And for those who feels like being experimental listeners for some new tunes, give me a holler and I'll let you.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Yes, I might be the laziest man on this little planet, but something new is about to happen. andreasborg.com will multiply and have a child. The new site will be andreasborg.se, where I will use an easier way to update the site, so even I can keep everyone directly updated with pictures, blogs, poems, lyrics etc. The main musicpage will still be andreasborg.com though. Here I will still update what´s happening on the musicfront and upload the latest songs etc. And offcourse there is always www.myspace.com/andreasborgandthewildernessgirls as well.

So, what is happening with the music. Well, we have, as mentioned before, recorded a couple of songs and I am working towards a new demo to include them. Other songs are also ready, but yet to be recorded.

I have also called upon the Wilderness Girls again. And they have heeded the call.
We are again meeting once a week at rehearsals and maybe you will be able to hear some songs, old and new, on a live-venue somewhere soon.

We have some new characters working within our little family now as well. Henrik is still around, working different instruments, as well is Niclas still on bass. Now there is also also Tove on violin and mandolin (playing violin on Arms in last demo Crosscuts), and Marcus on guitar and piano (producer and instrumentalist on upcoming Small town boy in the next demo The Atonement of Abaddon). Hopefully these new instrumentalists will make me see some new ways and give inspiration, while also adding to the general sound live.

Btw: the guestbook here is seldom used. Pop a few words and say hi, and make a mark that you've been here visiting. and maybe I will as well.

Take care
/Andreas Borg

Thursday, April 03, 2008

I know...
I know I am a slow one to update and to adress you all, who actually want to know what..s going on. So help me please. Comment and raise your voices, tell me and help me, what I should tell you. It has never been one of my stronger sides to feel the urge to speak up so be welcome to it.
I have at least put up some other songs here. Old ones, yes I know. But keep hope up. I have been down in the tunnels, in the studio, to bring some new gold up to the surface, and I have succeeded. I just don’t know if I will bring them out on a demo yet, or just let em be, or bring em up one by one. I have recorded "Babylon", a song of my only friend, alienation, and I have also just finished "Small town boy", a song of my upbringing. Maybe they will be here soon, as a sneaky preview or whatever.
Give me some feedback you bastards, and maybe I will reach out of this shell of mine.
Over and out
Andreas Borg

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Yes, I'm here.
And I am currently working under pressure writing a novel, recording new songs and trying to fend off gig-bookings at the same time. It does look that I'm going to try to get out on some venues to play live this spring, but at the moment there's a lot of stuff just waiting to be finished first.
Two songs are ready for the next demo, another is kicking and screaming while being recorded.
Keep an eye out, I will post some pictures from the studio here very soon.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy X-mas everyone!
And may the next year show mercy on you all.

Yes, I did survive this year as well, and I'm currently working on the next demo.
Slowly the idea of it is forming in my brain and I am putting bits and pieces together, picking out the songs and context.
It will go back a bit to the old known lands of Mr Borg and the well-known characters will make their re-appearances. Same old stories from different points of view and interest-points I suppose.

I am currently working with some different musicians (have I said that before?) to find new versions and sounds for an old song, "Small town boy", and no it's not the old Bronski Beat tune. (But make sure to watch the video of that one. It's brilliant.)

I am also trying to stitch the bodyparts of "The Ballad of Mary O'Rye" together in a version that doesn't hurt innocent little ears too much.

I also wrote some new lyrics to old chords and the result was "Babylon", another gloomy tune about my constant companion, alienation.

And for all you lazy bastards out there, I have been so kind to put all the songs on pirate bay for you to download. Help seeding please.
Some songs from "Crosscuts" are also up on www.myspace.com/andreasborgandthewildernessgirls
Listen in if you havn't already.

Peace. And take care.


Monday, November 19, 2007

Another Radio interview coming up.

Tomorrow Andreas Borg is playing a new song from "Crosscuts" in Radio Örebro. He is also doing a small interview.
You can listen to it live at http://www.sr.se/Orebro/ (just choose "lyssna direkt" at the top of the page) on the web.
You can also listen to it afterwards in case you miss out.

Tomorrow 20/11 at 17.00. Radio Örebro.

You can also find a review of the demo at www.na.se.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The new demo is up!

There are new songs for downloading. The new demo "Crosscuts" are here, both as downloadable song for song and as a package with sleeves.